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If you are like us, I’m sure that you are tired of paying sky-high fees to so called experts for SEO Products and services. They promise to get your website to #1 on Google, Bing, and Yahoo, which will bring massive exposure and tons of Traffic to your website but it never happens. You just keep paying them month after month while your website still can’t be found on the major Search Engines and gets little to no Traffic.

The solution to this money wastage and frustration is to do SEO yourself using the same tools that most experts use. The so-called experts might have fooled you into thinking that SEO is complected but their secret is hidden in the tools that they use. These tools are available to everyone who knows where to find them but how do we know which tools are the best and most effective?

Here at EXC-SEO, we Review SEO products and share the best ones that we ourselves use for SEO. We have also partnered with developers of SEO products and services to offer them to you at highly discounted rates. Several of these products may perform similar tasks but we have narrowed down their functions in order to assist you in choosing according to what is best for you.